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Lea Michele And Jonathan Groff Grab Juice After Hiking

Lea : I’m doing something today that many people could only dream of.. all day with @NayaRivera :)

Naya : It’s always easy to have energy on the Glee set because there’s so many of us and we’re like best friends, and it’s like, I’m never in my trailer alone. I’m always out like, goofing around with Kevin, or like, talking to Lea. So there’s always something to do there.

Lea : Great day of work today! Ending the night with some dinner with my fellow #breadwinner @NayaRivera :) Time to eat some italian food!!

Lea : #neneday = Lea plus Naya together all day.
Naya : Whooo ! Going to be a good Friday my dear. #neneday

Naya : @msleamichele Call me if you want me to check your house for ghosts before you sleep tonight.

Naya : Good movie and an amazing movie with @msleamichele .Three cheers for the help!

Lea : Having the best day with my girl @NayaRivera :) Shopping and eating a delicious lunch and enjoying this beautiful day!

Lea : What do you think guys of the I Kissed A Girl video ?? I love singing with my girl @NayaRivera 

Lea : I hope my lady @NayaRivera feels better… But now we have the day off !!!

Lea : @NayaRivera So hilarious that you tweeted me the exact time I texted you! Ha! You totally win the prize…holding your hand now for sure.


#and then she killed him  #the end  (via peggyleads)

See this is the scene I direct people to when they ask why Pepper took down Killian, and not Tony. Partly the point of Pepper being the final powerhouse saviour in the film is to show that hey, if anyone is kicking anyone’s ass around here, Pepper’s doing the ass-kicking. Pepper has always been the strongest between Tony and herself- it’s just that she was usually the business end rather than the fighting end, the one coordinating the battle behind the scenes.

 But here there is no behind the scenes. Pepper is in the direct firing line here. And Aldrich Killian is doing what so many people do to her- underestimate her. Belittle her. Think that she is weak and insignificant next to Tony. Killian thinks that he can own her.

 And when Pepper is belittled and possessed, she always takes control over them. She gets the upper hand no matter what, because she is Pepper Goddamn Potts and she will not be owned. 

 So here she stares Killian down with, yes, fear, but not submission. Because she already knows she is going to make Aldrich Killian pay.

 And for the first time, Pepper Potts gets to show overtly just how strong she is. 

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Panic! at the Disco: First & Last Words
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